About Haachy


What is Haachy?

Haachy is a lost pet recovery and identification system that is built on cutting edge deep learning AI techniques that uses your pets photos to bring them home.While pet ID tags sometimes fall off and pet identification tattoos fade away over time ,we work with something your pet can never lose, its appearance ! We use photos to find your pet!

Our connective software works with your local SPCAs, animal shelters along with social media simultaneously to search for your pet.

We don’t stop until we find a match for your pet`s photo and you get him back!

Community Engagement

We believe the best way to bring your pet back home is through community engagement. Pet parents are passionate about not only protecting their pets but also pets in their own community. That’s why Haachy connects all major social media channels and groups into a single platform, so pet owners can find their lost pet quickly. Once you post your lost pet information and within minutes the word spreads like wildfire giving you a better chance at finding your pet.

Experience Reassurance

Experience matters. When your loved one’s life is on the line, there’s nothing you care about more.Haachy is an uncomplicated and simple solution that is easy to use and manage. We understand that you are going through a difficult time and we help you cut through all the noise and make the process of finding your pet as easy as possible.

Why Use Haachy?

Most pet identification tools today are far from reliable. While microchipping is the leading way to protect your pet from getting lost forever, there’s an ongoing debate over how healthy it is for your pet. Access to microchip information is also not readily available. It relies on your ability to update information. Smart collars and dog ID tags can easily fall off or get lost. Tattoos can fade.

So, what’s the solution? Haachy.

Haachy works because it relies on photos of your pet—something that can never change. With one upload of a recent image of your pet, we can connect you with the top animal rescue groups and government shelters throughout your area and spread the word on social media.

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